Matthew Pincus Accepted to University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s Ph.D Program!

Congratulations to JKS MFA student Matthew Pincus on his acceptance to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette as an English Ph.D candidate with a Doctoral Fellowship!
Matthew Pincus was born and raised in San Diego, CA. He has a B.A. from Pitzer College in English and has written book reviews for Bookslut, RainTaxi, Pank, and Necessary Fiction. He also published an essay on Dodie Bellamy in Coldfront last December, and presented at last years Disembodied Poetics Conference.

Faculty News from Bhanu Kapil

Bhanu Kapil was a featured speaker last week at a symposium on Language of Architecture and Trauma at Pratt Institute in NYC.  On a panel with a British-based Brazilian architect, Ricardo de Ostos, moderated by Melissa Buzzeo (a frequent visitor to Naropa), Bhanu presented and elaborated ideas of embodiment, narrative and recuperation developed during JKS classes.  (Bhanu pioneered and developed the curriculum on Narrative and Architecture in JKS at the undergraduate and graduate level; it was wonderful to then contribute to the culture at Pratt as part of their own cultural work to forge links between language practices and material or structural imaginaries.  Peggy Deamer, the head of architecture at YALE, stopped Bhanu in a corridor to say, in response to Bhanu’s talk on race, ethnic density and built environments — a world literature that might be written from the “bottom up”: “That was very intelligent.”  Bhanu felt a surge of gratitude for the Naropa classroom, and proud that what had been incubated there, with students, had such an effect or valence in this other context.

In other news, this week, on April 22nd, at 6 pm, Bhanu Kapil will be reading at HARVARD University with Fred Moten — with an introduction by Jackie Wang.  In the Woodberry Poetry Room at Harvard Library. Can you believe it?  Bhanu is anxious but excited in advance to be in the electrical company of Fred and Jackie, and to learn from them as writers and — people in the world. Bhanu has been reading Fred Moten’s essay, Blackness and Nothingness, to prepare.  Also, she is going to read Jackie Wang’s PEPLOPHORUS AS THE WORLD WITH HER HEAD LOPPED OFF.  To prepare.

SWP Artist in Residence Julie Seko

We are thrilled to have Julie Seko, Letterpress Goddess, join us for Week 2 of the Summer Writing Program (June 22-27) when she will engage us with emerging texts and the collaborative process in letterpress.  For more information about the SWP, please visit us at

SWP Artist in Residence Aaron Cohick

We are excited to have Aaron Cohick join us for Week 1 of the Summer Writing Program (June 15-June 20) when he will engage with disparities, exigencies, identity and lineage.  For more information about the SWP, please visit us at

SWP Artists in Residence Omar Berrada & Sarah Riggs

We are thrilled to have Omar Berrada & Sarah Riggs join us for Week 2 of the Summer Writing Program (June 22-27) when they will explore Philo-Poetics, Who Am I When I Dream?  Together, they will dive into the writing of movement and ideas through film, dance, 19th century Arabic philosophy and French and North American Poetry collaborations.

photo credits:  Hillary Goidell and Sarah Riggs

Embodied Poetics: X

We hope you can join us for this years’ Embodied Poetics!

Embodied Poetics: X

10 Poems. 10 Performances. 10 years!

Creative performance collaborations with the MFA Performance and JKS students and faculty.

Sunday, April 19, 7:00 p.m.

Nalanda Campus

Nathan Logan (MFA Theater student)– David Jaques Chrem: In Our Eyes

Joan Bruemmer-Holden and Monica Dionysiou (MFA Theater Faculty and Alum) – Bhanu Kapil: Mission at Tenth

Teresa Veramendi (MFA Theater student)- Travis Klempan: Crumbs in the Dark

Kate Holden (MFA Theater student) – Michelle Naka Pierce pages: from book Continuous Frieze Bordering Red

Caitlyn Tella (MFA Theater student) – Heather Sweeney: Winter Notebook

Kate Holden, Teresa Veremendi and Kris Baker – (MFA Theater students) – Leeny Sack (MFA Theater Guest Faculty)How I remember Antigone

Chrissy Coates (MFA Theater Alum) – Aisling Daly: Explosion

Leslie Grasa (MFA Theater student) – Aisling Daly: An Cáilleach

Troy McCall (MFA Theater student) – Aisling Daly: Closure

Kris Baker (MFA Theater student) – Angelica Barraza: Milder Perpetuations

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Women of Naropa & Friends Celebrate Anne Waldman

Please join us on Thursday, April 23 at 7:00 PM in Naropa’s Performing Arts Center (PAC) for a very special event: Women of Naropa & Friends Celebrate Anne Waldman, hosted by Lark Fox.

$5 for the Naropa Community, $8 for the public.

Proceeds from this event benefit Bombay Gin and a local Women’s Organization TBA.

With performances by:

Mara Ochoa
Erika Hodges and Sara Schultz
Aisling Daly
Heather Sweeney & Rachel Martin
HR Hegnauer
Jade Lascelles
Toni Oswald & Max Davies
Polly Vocal (Shawn McDaniel, Hannah Kezema, Ella Longpre, Ellie Swensson, Brent Zionic, and Reed Bye)
Lisa Birman
Maureen Owen
Laura Wright
Bobbie Louise Hawkins
Jennifer Dorn
Andrea Rexilius
Anne Waldman

We hope to see you there!

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Naropa University welcomes participants with disabilities. Please contact Ariella Ruth at 303-546-3581 or to inquire about accessibility and discuss disability accommodations needed to participate fully in this event.