Bombay Gin 38.1

Bombay Gin heads into a very exciting 38th year in print! We are thrilled to announce that the new Editor-in-Chief of Bombay Gin for the 2011-2012 school year is J’Lyn Chapman, former JKS advisor and current adjunct faculty member. This year’s editorial board consists of graduate students Heather Goodrich, Jade Lascelles, Stephani Nola, Jess Hagemann, Kristen Park, Alice Virginia McClain, and Katie Ingegneri. Undergraduate Rachel Palmateer has signed on to be the newest addition to the Bombay Gin family as a staff assistant. Please email Katie Ingegneri, the Graduate Assistant for Publications, at with any questions, ideas, or submissions you may have.

The theme for 38.1 is “threshold,” a concept implemented by featuring different kinds of work from the same person (such as an interview and poetry, poetry and art, etc.), in addition to exploring the ideas of transition, borders, space, and transformation. It has been very exciting for the editors to solicit many of the visiting faculty from the 2011 Summer Writing Program for this issue, and some of the confirmed featured authors will include Ana Božičevič, Thurston Moore, and Vanessa Place.

Bombay Gin’s spring issue (38.2) will be open to general submissions. Submissions may be dropped off in the JKS office. Due February 15, 2012. For more info, click here.

Look for us at the JKS readings, where we will be selling recent issues and giving away bundles of our abundant supply of historical back issues. Please contact Katie if you are interested in obtaining back issues for yourself or students.

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