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Straight Reflection
Straight Reflection

Keith Kumasen Abbott’s two brush paintings, “Straight Reflection” and “Enso Reflection,” appeared in Buddhadharma: The Practitioner’s Quarterly Fall 2011.

Enso Reflection
Enso Reflection

We are delighted to announce that Lisa Birman, SWP Director, became an American citizen on August 24th. Congratulations, Lisa!

Junior Burke co-wrote the screen play American Reel and produced the soundtrack for it as well. It was shown at Director Quentin Tarantino’s New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles on December 8, 2011.

Book cover for Schizophrene

Bhanu Kapil was a featured writer/teacher this summer at the AROHO retreat at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico. She made a sequence of visits to [Jean Genet and the Chrysallis] at UC Santa Cruz. She gave a reading with Claudia Rankine, as part of their collaboration on race: “Stories of Extreme Girlhood.” She read at the Condensary Reading Series in Oakland with David Buuck. Kapil gave a talk on migration and narrative, in response to an exhibit of Jim Goldberg’s photographs, at the San Francisco MOMA; she also performed during that week as a “unicorn” in the Stein exhibit. In Los Angeles, she performed at the MAK Center at the Schindler House as part of a conference on Voyeurism, “Both Sides and Center,” curated by Teresa Carmody and Amina Cain of Les Figues Press. This fall, Kapil was a visiting poet at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and a visiting fiction writer at Brown University. She was also a featured speaker at the &NOW conference at the University of California at Sand Diego: a conference on innovative thinking, writing, and art/performance practices. Critical essays were accepted to Almost Island (an experimental writing journal base in India and edited by Vivek Narayan), Conversations in a War-time Cafe (an anthology of responses to the last ten years of U.S. engagement in Iraw and Afghanistan, edited by Sena Labrador y Manzano), and ELN (connected to the conference on “Self” at CU next spring, curated by Julie Carr). Currently, Kapil is interviewing the Bay Area painter Luke Butler for an upcoming issue of SHIFTER magazine and was recently interviewed for a feature on her work in BOMB magazine’s online “Bomblog.” Her fourth book, Schizophrene, was released on September 6th.

Cover Image for "Curses"

Julie Kazimer’s urban fairytale novel, CURSES!  A F**ked-Up Fairytale from Kensington Books will be released in March 2012. In the meantime, Julie is teaching an E-Publishing workshop at the Colorado Gold Conference and continues to work on the second, currently untitled novel in the F**ked Up fairytale series due out in 2013.

Book cover for She, A Blueprint

Michelle Naka Pierce’s third book She, A Blueprint, with art by Sue Hammond West, is now available (BlazeVOX, 2011). Her fourth book, Continuous Frieze Bordering Red, which documents the migratory patterns of the hybrid as she travels the floating borders in Rothko’s Seagram murals, has been awarded the 2010-2011 Poets Out Loud Editor’s Prize (Fordham University Press, forthcoming 2012).

Anne Waldman has recently published her magnum opus, The Iovis Trilogy: Colors in the Mechanism of Concealment from Coffee House Press and has numerous reading/performances coming up at various venues: New York University, The Poetry Project, Toronto New School of Writing, The University of California in Berkeley, California College of the Arts, City Lights/San Francisco Poetry Center, the Unitarian Church in San Francisco and at The Rubin Museum, where she will be joined by musicians Ha-Yang Kim and Ambrose Bye. She has recently been appointed a Chancellor of the Academy of American Poets and was involved with their Poets Forum in October in New York City. Her collaboration Soldatesque (catalogue published by BlazeVOX) with artist Noah Saterstrom was on exhibit at the Poetry Center in Arizona this fall, and she was present for a reading and panel about the work.

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