Summer Writing Program 2012

Hello, Camp Kerouacers! Thank you for a beautiful Summer Writing Program in 2011. We had a blast, and we’re busy constructing the Temporary Autonomous Zone of SWP 2012, for June 11-July 8.

In the first week, we’ll focus on Archival Poetics and the War on Memory. Guests that week include Stacy Szymaszek, E. Tracy Grinnell, Prageeta Sharma, and Charles Alexander. Archivapoeia is a deeply engrained ethos of the Kerouac School, and co-founder Allen Ginsberg saw it as an antidote to memory loss perpetuated by the oligarchs and plutocrats. We will focus this week on our “memory banks” as writers. What are the sources and texts and ideas we cherish? How do we work with rescuing the work of others as well, and consider the technologies for future preservation?

For the second week, we’ll turn our attention to Cultural Rhizomes and Intentional Communities, with guest faculty Margaret Randall, Pierre Joris, Nicole Peyrafitte, Stephen Motika, Vincent Katz, Sherwin Bitsui, CA Conrad, and Julia Seko. Our work this week will seek inspiration from intentional communities such as Black Mountain College, diasporas of the Middle East and South America, and Native American praxis.

In the third week, we’ll dive into Science, Sanity, and Evolution, with Anne Waldman, Ambrose Bye, Tisa Bryant, Julie Carr, Samuel R. Delany, Selah Saterstrom, HR Hegnauer, and Karen Randall. Let’s rescue language from the pundits and politicians and shine a light on the inspiring and scintillating glories and minute particulars of the symbiotic biosphere!

In our final week, Performance Week, we’ll storm the stage with luminaries Laurie Anderson, Thurston Moore, Amiri Baraka, Caroline Bergvall, Tracie Morris, Claudia Rankine, Roberto Tejada, and Jena Osman. We’ll also honor the collaborative work of the ever-expanding poetics sangha in the realms of letterpress and digital printing, recording studio and small press publication, all elements of our study and passion at the Kerouac School.

We’re also excited to be reintroducing the SWP Scholarship in memory of kari edwards. More information about this and other scholarships will be available on the website,