Sarah Elizabeth Schantz: Literary Contests, Agents, and More

In the past year, Sarah Elizabeth Schantz has been a finalist and/or honorary mention for literary competitions hosted by New Letters, Zoetrope, Hunger Mountain and The Cream City Review. She won first place for a fiction contest hosted by Third Coast. Third Coast nominated her winning story for the 2011 Pushcart Prize and Best New Stories from the Midwest (the story takes place in Kansas). Sarah hasn’t yet heard back from the Pushcart Prize, but she was just selected for the 2011 Best New Stories from the Midwest anthology. She was also a finalist for Alligator Juniper and another story of hers will appear in their Spring 2012 issue. Through her selection via Zoetrope, she has received the attention of an agent at Georges Borchardt in NYC. The publication of the winning story in Third Coast has gotten the attention of an agent at the Rees Literary Agency in Boston. Both agents are interested in the novel she is working on right now.