Inaugural JKS Symposium on Violence and Community

Naropa University’s Jack Kerouac School presents: Inaugural JKS Symposium in Violence and Community. Join us for three events featuring our innovative guest writers Melissa Buzzeo, Gabrielle Civil, David Buuck, and Kate Zambreno.

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David Buuck is a writer who lives in Oakland, CA. He is the founder of BARGE, the Bay Area Research Group in Enviro-aesthetics, and co-founder and editor of Tripwire, a journal of poetics. Publications, writing & performance samples, and further info available via

Gabrielle Civil is a black woman poet, conceptual and performance artist, originally from Detroit, MI. Over the last decade, she has premiered over twenty original performance art works in the United States (Minneapolis, Chicago, NY), The Gambia, Puerto Rico and Mexico. In fall 2012, she will launch her catalogue In and Out of Place: Making Black Feminist Performance in Mexico. She is currently circulating Swallow the Fish, her critical/creative text on race, body and performance art. She teaches at St. Catherine University in St. Paul, MN. The aim of all her work is to open up space.


Kate Zambreno is the author of two novels, O Fallen Angel and Green Girl. Heroines, a critical memoir revolving around her obsession with the wives and myths of modernism, will be published by Semiotext(e)’s Active Agents this fall. She is part of the curatorial collective La Genet, along with her partner John Vincler.

Melissa Buzzeo is the author of What Began Us (Leon Works 2007), Face (Bookthug 2009) and For Want and Sound (forthcoming 2012 from Les Figues). Her current work Chasm explores negation, the legacy of performance art and the place of the social body in dust, repository—and will—addressed in place of the broken glass beloved. She has taught at Brown, Pratt, Iowa and Naropa and currently lives in Brooklyn.

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