Symposium Installations and Performances

TOMORROW. MAY 1: Symposium Installations and Performances

From Bhanu Kapil (Co-Curator of the Inaugural JKS Symposium on Violence and Community):

Violence and Community [Symposium]: A Map of 12 to 3 p.m.

(Tuesday, May 1st: Naropa University’s Arapahoe Campus: Boulder, Colorado)

Maps are time.  Maps are spaces without recoil.  Move between the spaces as you wish.  There are peaks and ebbs.  Perhaps you will tear away from community.  Perhaps you will stop.  Perhaps you will create.  Co-create.

Gabrielle Civil is working on intellectual violence: outside the Allen Ginsberg library.  (Bring a text you can surrender: that enacted its violence on you.  There will be a rope, a drop cloth.)

Kate Zambreno (La Genet: with John Vincler) is working on a balcony sculpture: outside the Administration Building.  (Expose yourself to a balcony in rupture.  Define: chrysalis.  Define: the capacity of a heroine to forget.  Remember, then forget.)

David Buuck is live-streaming /performing /improvising the past-present-future May Day actions in Sycamore 8150.  (Who are you?)

Melissa Buzzeo will be working on community, aggression and hypnosis in the Greenhouse.  (This starts at 2.15.  Dress for the argument.  Dress for the trance.)

Performers, visual artists, writers and activists: constitute: Gabrielle-Kate-[John]-David-Melissa-[j.hastain].  There are many conjoined others.

Tuesday Night: Reading [7 pm, student center]/ Wednesday at Noon: Panel Discussion [12, PAC]

If any of these shorthand versions of the co-ordinates make no sense, please contact me: at:

Look for Michelle Naka Pierce, Ariella Goldberg and Diana McLean.  I shouldn’t put their e-mails on this.  It will get confusing.

There is no starting point.  Arrive at NOON on Tuesday.  To: loop.  Look for brightly colored maps, guides and also me: I will be roaming with a wolf pack of students.  I am Punjabi.  My big plan is to wear a grey skirt and green top and Pampas boots.  You’ll figure out who the wolf pack is in about two seconds, plus it is a tiny campus.  You can ask questions, you can be part of what this is.  I mean, don’t ask me any questions.  Ask them.

Ask the people who are opening themselves to our space and creating this document from their: meeting: with you.

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