Two new books by JKS alumna

Congratulations to alumna Dagny McKinley on her recent publications of The Wandering Rose and Lessons My Mother Taught Me: the good, the bad and the questionable both now available from Undiscovered Earth. Congratulations, Dagny!

Dagny McKinley has lived all over the world, but found home in the expansive granite landscape of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. She is as comfortable in the city as she is in the wilderness, but prefers the challenges of big mountains and surviving outdoors. McKinley stays current on environmental issues, women’s issues and is an avid animal rights supporter. She believes all lives are interconnected and each person, landscape and insect has something to offer and teach. Writing has been a part of McKinley’s life since she was a small child. She found healing through writing and hiking and continues to pursue those passions today. During her down time, you can find her lost in a book or magazine, regenerating her spirit through the words of others, at her computer or exploring mountains, streams and lakes.