JKS Alumn’s New Book

Congratulations to Bradley Sands on the release of his new novel TV Snorted My Brain. Fans of Bizarro will no doubt be familiar with Sands’ highly singular writing via his releases on Afterbirth Books, Raw Dog Screaming Press and, most recently, his work on Lazy Fascist. With each new book, Sands further proves that there is no one else remotely like Sands. His work is a absurdist sensory overload, bypassing reason and exploding in giddy laughter. I repeat… there is NO ONE else like Bradley Sands.

Artie Pendragon loves anarchy, pee wee soccer games, and midget wrestlers. He really hates high school, but his plan to blow up his school is interrupted when he is declared the king of TV Land. After taking the throne, Artie’s pro-wrestling, non-midget uncle steals it from him and enforces a strict policy of censorship throughout the land. To defend himself against his uncle’s piledrivers and take back what is rightfully his, Artie must go on a quest for the Holy Grail, which is the only thing that will make his Excalibur 3000 remote control work properly.

TV Snorted My Brain is a modern-day retelling of the King Arthur myth that happens inside your television set. Come along with Artie as he journeys through the various channels of TV Land and recruits knights along the way to help him overthrow his uncle and bring anarchy to the land..

Read the first chapter here.

Or listen to an audio recording here.