Weekend Warrior 10/19/12

We’re pleased to announce a new segment on the JKS blog: Weekend Warrior! Whether you simply want to mix up your routine, start a new project, or just need a little inspiration to get typing on the weekend, we’ll be featuring new writing prompts every week! Also, send them here, and we’ll feature some of them on the website (editors’ choice!)

This week’s prompt:
We thought that we would kick this series off with an homage to our very own Bhanu Kapil. The following questions are excerpted from her book The Vertical Interrogation of Strangers. Engage with them as you will, though we at JKS are rather partial to hybrid forms!

1. What is the shape of your body?
2. Describe a morning you woke without fear.
3. Where did you come from/how did you arrive?
4. Tell me what you know about dismemberment.
5. What are the consequences of silence?

Happy Writing!

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