Bouldering Poets Presents: Poets/Writers/Performers/Ghouls

Tomorrow night will be a guaranteed evening of entertainment and will stretch beyond our poetic realms. Featuring:

Gianina Opris (poetry) is the author of three chapbooks of poetry, including Moon is Always Moon (Green Fuse Poetic Arts). Her most recent project is a musical recording entitled Lagrimas. Awards received: selected for 2004 international poetry exhibition, Barrington, IL; and 2nd Place in the ACC Writers Studio: Speak Peace Colorado Respond Contest 2012. Gianina holds a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Naropa University and teaches Language Arts and Visual Arts in the Denver Public Schools. Her latest works have appeared in Blaze Vox, 63 Channels Magazine, and Cyclamens & Swords Publishing. “Gia” is a native of Lima, Perú who lives in Denver.

Shane Dooley (music) has been playing the guitar since 1998 progressing through many styles and genres including metal, classical, jazz, rock and psychedelic. In 2008 Shane went to school to become a Luthier and now plays on a guitar built by his own hands. With his discovery of the loop pedal which allows musical phrases to layered one on the other, Shane deftly layers his influences and styles together within compelling and emotional songs. His first studio album “Out of the Loop” was completed on Oct 1, 2012 and is available to listen to and download at

Eugene Igma (video mash-ups) is the shadow cast by the shoddy outline of a fabricated figure — a more improvisational persona to compensate for extreme perfectionism. He creates artwork both to examine long-standing hopes and dreams, and to occupy the less pleasant aspects of selfhood and existence — especially facing and processing fears, humiliations, and deep longings. The desired effect is to wash away the personal and collective detritus and pave the way for unpredictable magic.


What: Bouldering Poets
When: Thursday, October 25, 7:30pm
Where: Johnnys Cigar Bar, 1 Boulder Canyon Drive, The Ice Rink at One Boulder Plaza, Boulder, CO 80302
Price: Free