Weekend Update 10/26-10/28


What: Matthew Cooperman & Aby Kaupang
Where: Innisfree, 1203 13th Street, Boulder, CO
When: Friday October 26th at 7PM

Matthew Cooperman is the author of Still: of the Earth as the Ark which Does Not Move (Counterpath Press, 2011), DaZE (Salt Publishing Ltd, 2006) and A Sacrificial Zinc (Pleiades/LSU, 2001), winner of the Lena-Miles Wever Todd Prize, as well as three chapbooks, Still: (to be) Perpetual (dove | tail, 2007), Words About James (phylum press, 2005) and Surge (Kent State University Press, 1999). A founding editor of Quarter After Eight, and current poetry editor of Colorado Review, he teaches at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, where he lives with the poet Aby Kaupang and his two children. More information can be found at www.matthewcooperman.com.

What: Screening and Artist Talk with Luther Price
Where: Counterpath, 613 22nd Street near downtown Denver, Colorado
When: Friday, October 26, 2012 at 8:00 p.m.

Known since the 1980s for his Super-8 films and performances, Luther Price has, in recent years, turned to 16mm film, creating new works from discarded prints of old documentaries, snippets of Hollywood features, and other examples of cinematic detritus. He re-edits the footage by hand, effaces the image through scraping, buries the films to rot and gather mold, and adds chaotic visual patterns using colored inks and permanent markers. For soundtracks, he frequently uses only the brutal electromechanical noise generated by sprocket holes running through the projector’s audio system. Each reel he produces is thereby a unique object, often altered to such an extent that it struggles through the projector, as if playing out the end of film itself; his is a cinema that ecstatically embraces its death drive, so as to achieve maximum potency.


What: Bad Shadow Affair featuring Cathy Wagner, Rebecca Farivar, and Dan Hoy
Where: Lost Lake Lounge | 3602 East Colfax | Denver, Colorado
When: Saturday the 27th


What: Postscript:: Writing After Conceptual Art
Where: MCA Denver 1485 Delgany St. Denver, CO 80202
When: Every Tue., Wed., Thu., Fri., Sat., Sun. from October 12 until February 3

Rooted in the found-text theories of such American conceptual heavyhitters of the ’60s and ’70s as Sol LeWitt, Carl Andre and Andy Warhol, the huge exhibit Postscript: Writing After Conceptual Art, which opens tonight at MCA Denver, will fill several spaces in the museum, including a freight elevator and the main stairway, with an array of works in many mediums by more than fifty artists and authors. “It speaks to the fact that language is something that’s obviously so basic to all of us in regard to how we function and how much information we receive,” says Nora Burnett Abrams, who co-curated the ambitious show — the most comprehensive in the MCA’s history — with colleague Andrea Andersson. “And that’s not limited to a gallery. It’s in everything that we do, and we found that keeping works solely in the galleries didn’t really work for us in getting that point across.”