Weekend Warrior 10/26

This week’s writing prompt comes from JKS faculty member Andrew Wille. As always, feel free to send your results here. Happy writing!

Tis the witching season.

* Write a story or a poem about a ghost.

* Include some trove that you uncover via a chance operation. Either: (a) Reach for the nearest book to you, open it at a previously decided page (‘I’ll open this at page 41′), and select the first interesting word. Or: (b) Look out of (or into, if you’re outdoors) the nearest window, and choose the first interesting object to strike your attention. Or: (c) use some random reckoning of your own. Then somehow wrap your story/poem around the word/object that you found.

* Write by candlelight, or the spectral glow of your computer screen (there are ghosts in the machine).