Third Mind: Newsroom Poetry

Aimee Heckel, Daily Camera features reporter and columnist, interviewed JKS Director Michelle Naka Pierce last week. Inspired by the concepts that arose during the interview, Heckel went on to make a cut-up of the article. On her blog, Modern Lois Lane Heckel writes, “What is the modern journalist? What will the future newsroom look like? This is the playground where we find that out.” The inclusion of a cut-up, as well as a 10 minute freewrite, is a direct response to Pierce’s statement that “One of the important pieces around writing is reading, especially outside of poetry. Read a newspaper, read a science book, read about architecture, get outside yourself. Get outside your immediate base of knowledge and even your immediate base of interest.” We at JKS couldn’t be happier to see such a bricolage. Thanks, Aimee!

Read the full blog post here.

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