Thanksgiving Weekend Warrior

The holidays are upon us! Below are several writing prompts that came out of Michelle Naka Pierce and Andrea Rexilius’ Experiment, Innovation, and Community course this semester. May they bring you solace in an airport, joy in sharing them with your family, or a moment of peace by yourself this weekend. Happy Holidays from all of us at JKS, and as always, happy writing!

Examine windows. Read about migration and borders. Cross a border. Write from the border. Outline it. Document it. Present it. What is the relationship between the border of the window and the border of migration? –Michelle Naka Pierce

Perform a memory collection: list at least 30 ideas/stories/thoughts that reveal aspects of your identity in terms of your memories / experiences. Then, choose one from your collection and write 1000 words on it in whatever form you want. Even better, mix forms—poetry, prose, fiction, fable, song, drama…anything, everything. –Sarah Richards Graba

Get a map of your hometown or the last place you visited (outside of Boulder). Write 3 places / the names of the places that you identity with onto the map. Deconstruct each place in terms of memory or nostalgia. Write 2 pages. –Tiara Lopez

Stand in a room with your back to the wall for 20 minutes. Choose a hand, and move that hand up the wall until it is horizontal to the floor. This movement will take place during the whole 20 minutes, that is, your hand will be rising up the wall slowly for 20 minutes. After that time period, hold your hand up until you want to stop. Record how long you keep your hand up at shoulder height. Now write about the movement of your body in relation to the way light changed / didn’t change during the exercise. —Jason Burks

Freewrite for 10 minutes on the stock character of your choice (in literature or film) as in the hero, the princess, etc). If possible, comment on what the existence of this character means as a whole, culturally speaking. Does this character type influence culture or is it influenced by culture? Maybe both? –Elizabeth Knauz