Weekend Warrior 12/7/12

typed weekend warrior copy

This week’s Weekend Warrior comes from JKS alumn Nancy Stohlman’s blog! Nancy recently ran a Flashnano month, encouraging writers to compose a flash novel in 30 days. Here are a few of them:

Flashnano, Day 1: Write a story in which something transforms into something else.

Flashnano, Day 2: Write a true story that is so ___________(insert adjective here) that no one would believe it’s true. But it is.

Flashnano Day 3: Find a story you’ve written that isn’t quite working. Chop it down to exactly 100 words. Give it a new title.

Flashnano, Day 4: Write a story that is based in or uses elements of mythology–any mythology from any culture or time period.

Flashnano, Day 5: Bibliomancy–open the dictionary to any random page, place your finger on any random word and poof! That is the title (or part of the title) of your next story.

For more prompts and Nancy Stohlman, click here!

Nancy Stohlman’s books include Searching for Suzi: a flash novel, Live From Palestine, and Fast Forward: The Mix Tape, which was a finalist for a 2011 Colorado Book Award. Her work has been published in over 30 journals, anthologies and magazines, and The Monster Opera, co-written with composer Nick Busheff, premiered in 2011. She is a co-founding member of Fast Forward Press, and has been featured at events from the New York Public Library to the Aspen Literary Festival. She’s currently a writing professor in Denver and the lead singer for Kinky Mink.