Alumni Initiative: Poetry Teachers NYC


Poetry Teachers NYC prides itself on standing for Employment of Poets, while providing an Affordable Education. They present ‘Poets’, in the broader sense of the word (art, music, and writing) to sustain a model of teaching that will give students a tiered program for success.

JKS Alumni Megan DiBello founded Poetry Teachers NYC 2 years ago. Since then they have grown their faculty to 10 willing and able, performers, poets, artists, entrepreneurs and musicians, including other JKS alumni Dan Dissinger as Chief Operating Officer, Sam Jablon as events coordinator, and Peter Rugh & Aimee Herman as faculty.

Their mission is to employ poets, in the maker/doer sense of the word and provide affordable education.

“What differentiates us is that we practice a real world application within our process.”

PTNYC’s school is assembled so that each student takes a class for 3 weeks twice a week for an hour and a half. The student will then move through their ‘course’– a completion of the beginner– intermediate– and advanced classes, totaling 9 weeks.

Right now PTNYC is teaching at the Yard in Williamsburg with a monthly reading series at Milk & Roses in Greenpoint. Their classes have been a success with our most recent class being ‘3 Wines & 3 Poets’, sponsored by the Brooklyn Winery.

Poetry Teachers NYC: We live the extraordinary by impacting the ordinary!

Visit their website or email them for more information.