Weekend Warrior 12/14

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As the semester comes to a close, and we prepare for the holidays, it may be helpful to turn the gaze inward and reflect upon our experiences. The New Year is often regarded as an opportunity to implement changes in ourselves or lifestyles, and this weekend may be an excellent opportunity to engage with a bit of honesty. This week’s prompts come from former SWP faculty Brian Kiteley’s The 3 A.M. Epiphany. More of Kitley’s prompts can be found online here.

True Feeling. Using language that is simple and straightforward, describe intensely and exhaustively a moment of true feeling between two characters. Meryl Streep says that when she’s researching a character she’s going to portray, she always gives the character some simple secret that no one on the set, none of the other actors, and none of the other characters knows about. Give the character you’re showing us this moment of true feeling through a secret, but don’t reveal the secret either to us or to the other character.

Loving. Write about a person you love. This apparently simple instruction may be more difficult than you think. What makes us love people? How do we avoid being sentimental when describing the attributes that make someone loveable? You will immediately be faced with the decision of writing about someone you love or loved romantically or as a friend. Or perhaps you’ll choose a family member. Your greatest challenge will be to make your reader love this person, too. 600 words.