Weekend Warrior 1/11/2013

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Happy new year everyone! This week’s prompt is inspired by those often dropped, forgotten, and sometime never made, “resolutions.” Whether you stick to them or not, a little internal speculation never hurts. May these prompts kick off a great writing year! Happy writing!

From Michelle Naka Pierce and Andrea Rexilius’ Experiment, Innovation, and Community course:

Define what “progress” is to you, as an individual and as a society. How “progressive” are we in today’s society? How does “progress” correspond with landscape(s)? (Consider “regression” as well…& natural resources). —Jaclyn Hawkins

What about you is “real” / or “solid” – what about you is the authentic core of yourself that does not change no matter the external situation? How do you know? Or—if you do not believe in a core/authentic/soul-self. What are the implications of this? –Lola Gerber

Write a moment you experienced synchronicity and the impact it had, if any, on your life’s path. –Jenifer Fischer