Weekend Warrior 1/18/2013

imageCARWV2IZ copyFrom Michelle Naka Pierce and Andrea Rexilius’ Experiment, Innovation, and Community course:

Write a short story paragraph by paragraph. Once you have finished the first paragraph, choose five words. You cannot use those words throughout the rest of the piece. Continue to do this with each paragraph, employing an increasing sparsely of language rather than simply trying to use bigger “thesaurus” language in place of the lost words. –Elizabeth Sparenberg

Where does language breakdown the communication between genders? Start w/ a gender-specific line (or 2 or 3) and breakdown the words into suffixes, prefixes, syllables and look up, or speculate as to the origins of those syllables. What did/does the root mean, and how has it arrived at its current meaning/usage? Or, where do you see a significant divergence between root and modern meaning? How can you literally deconstruct language in order to pull apart societal constructs? Where does language collide w/ (mis)communication, oppression, (mis)understanding, etc….

–As a side note, try comparing different dictionary/encyclopedia definitions, modern and “archaic” definitions, etc. –Caitlan Mitchell

Happy writing!