Tonight: All Knowledge Must Be Shared!

All Knowledge Must Be Shared openly invites speakers to talk to their fellow humans about things they know or are curious about. We all know a little some-thing and there is a lot of somethings to know, so bring that info and make smart the globe!

5 minutes to speak on any topic of informed intellectual endeavor, with 2-3 minutes for Q&A from the audience. Science, math, psychology, history, the arts, your work, a spiritual tradition, business, mad mad medicine- no matter, just share! It doesn’t even need to be your own knowledge- Come share an excerpt of a book, article, journal, Wikipedia page, organic food menu, and come open-minded.

Hosted by Matt Clifford. For more information or flyers contact or Please spread the invites!

7PM, Thursday, January 24th
Left Hand Books 1200 Pearl St Boulder

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