Anselm Hollo: Life and Work

UPDATE: The response from the JKS community and beyond has been wonderful. Anselm truly touched many lives. Please find several new links to remembrances of Anselm.

As well as the Helsingin Sanomat (the biggest Finnish newspaper) obituary, written by one of the editors of the Cultural Section. Hollo is remembered as having been “Finlands link to the Beat Movement in US” (Jan. 31, 2013). Available on Jacket 2.


We wanted to share some of these wonderful images of Anselm, as well as the links to his work and other remembrances of him. He will surely be missed.

Ginsberg Blog.
Coffee House Press.
Poetry Foundation.
Anselm Hollo in the Naropa Archive.

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  1. A wonderful human being and so very talented.A big loss to our community.I will miss you Anselm. RIP

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