Weekend Warrior 2/1/13

AnselmHolloWW copy(Original Image by Alexander Kell – taken in London 2012)

This edition of Weekend Warrior is in memory of Anselm Hollo. We encourage you to read some of Anselm’s work before beginning. What strikes you about it? What pulls you in? Try writing a poem in the key of Hollo.

We’d also love to read your poems and memories of him. What are your fondest memories? What of him will you carry with you? How has he impacted your work or you as a person?

Please share with us here.

One thought on “Weekend Warrior 2/1/13”

  1. The night the color of an aphrodisiac
    Above the sterile street lamps
    And echoing the taught hum of transformers
    So close to the edge of nothing
    The seals spend the night on the dock
    I offer my heart in my hand
    To the black beast which always accompanies me
    It hides behind my face when I look in the mirror
    Begs me to write a Sonnet in the style of Homer
    Mocking my words, my style, my self
    No, I will not break my vow
    Not to be true to my self means nothing to me
    More than another broken note
    I am tone deaf I remind the beast
    Which sings with siren fury so sweet
    I would lure my operatic relatives straight into La Maladie Morlet;
    I eat my words with ample salt these days
    To be turned away by dark sweetness;
    The candles burn upright.

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