SWP Highlight: Joseph Cuillier, 2012 recipient of the Zora Neal Hurston Scholarship


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SWP Interview with Joseph Cuillier:

I’d like to excerpt something from your scholarship recipient reading. Could you tell us a bit about this piece?

I did a video performance, Trying to Describe Yellow, a while back for a design studio course and I didn’t really know what it was. I just knew it was about the limitations of language and my limitations with language. But I didn’t really understand it until I tried to write about it, sitting down with a person with no experience of the color trying to describe it to them. I feel like there are some experiences that can’t be explained. And that’s the job of the artist, to take a moment and figure out a way to share exactly how you felt in that exact moment. I started to see the video in that regard, trying to find a suitable language to communicate that moment of frustration and joy and desire, etc.

I really love the piece, but I really decided to show it, a video, because I was terrified to stand up in public and read a poem I had written.

Read the full interview here.

Trying to Describe Yellow (Excerpt) from Rbts Online on Vimeo.

Currently a MFA Graphic Design candidate at Pratt Institute, Joseph Cuillier is using this opportunity to immerse himself in new experiences. Originally from New Orleans, LA by way of Houston, TX, he graduated from Prairie View A&M University in 2006. He is interested in exploring visual and verbal language through a variety of mediums, developing a practice by blurring the lines between art, design, and writing.