Symposium on Territory with Kass Fleisher, Sueyeun Juliette Lee, Craig Santos Perez, and Juliana Spahr

Please join us for the upcoming Symposium on Territory with Kass Fleisher, Sueyeun Juliette Lee, Craig Santos Perez, and Juliana Spahr, Co-Curated by Bhanu Kapil and Michelle Naka Pierce.

Monday, March 18: Panel @ 7:30 pm in PAC

Tuesday, March 19: Reading @ 7:30 pm in PAC

Both events are free and open to the public.

How do we write an ethics or document of place? How do we engage both the voluntary and involuntary aspects of a history of migration? How can we open to the deep play of the interzone? Define: interzone.  A flourishing.  A broken vase. Our invited writers engage specific borders: their mutability, history, and current politics/resource needs/disputes.  Can we write “territory” in a way that doesn’t replicate a colonizing paradigm of accountability or address?


See below for photos and bios of our Symposium Guests:

Kass Fleisher

Kass Fleisher‘s novel Dead Woman Hollow was released by SUNY Press (excelsior Editions) in 2012. She also authored Talking Out of School: Memoir of an Educated Woman (Dalkey Archive Press, 2008); The Adventurous (experimental prose; Factory School, 2007); Accidental Species: A Reproduction (experimental prose; Chax Press, 2005); and The Bear River Massacre and the Making of History (nonfiction; SUNY Press, 2004). Short work has appeared in The Iowa Review, Denver Quarterly, Mandorla, Notre Dame Review, Postmodern Culture, and The Los Angeles Review of Books, and she writes plays and screenplays with her partner, Joe Amato.

Juliette Lee

Sueyeun Juliette Lee grew up three miles from the CIA. Her books include That Gorgeous Feeling (Coconut Books) and Underground National (Factory School) as well as several chapbooks, most recently A Primary Mother (Least Weasel Series at Propolis Press). She writes poetry reviews for the Constant Critic and is a poetry editor for the Asian American Writers’ Workshop. She lives in Philadelphia where she teaches and edits Corollary Press.

Craig Santos Perez

Craig Santos Perez is a native Chamoru from the Pacific Island of Guåhan/Guam. He is the co-founder of Ala Press, co-star of the poetry album Undercurrent (Hawai’i Dub Machine, 2011), and author of two collections of poetry: from unincorporated territory [hacha] (Tinfish Press, 2008) and from unincorporated territory [saina](Omnidawn Publishing, 2010), a finalist for the LA Times 2010 Book Prize for Poetry and the winner of the 2011 PEN Center USA Literary Award for Poetry. He is an Assistant Professor in the English Department at the University of Hawai’i, Manoa, where he teaches Pacific literature and creative writing.


Juliana Spahr’s most recent books are Well Then There Now (Black Sparrow Press) and, co-edited with Stephanie Young, A Megaphone: Some Enactments, Some Numbers, and Some Essays about the Continued Usefulness of Crotchless-pants-and-a-machine-gun Feminism (ChainLinks).