Weekend Warrior 3/1/2013

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From Michelle Naka Pierce and Andrea Rexilius’ Experiment, Innovation, and Community course:

Find your own form of simultaneous contrast that applies to any of the conventional senses (or additional, unconventional senses). Set up a space in which to experience this contrast and write. Ex. Two noise tracks at once, two odors, two colors, two textures. See if your writing responds. –Carl Danelski

Write a creative piece along the theme of projection, identity, judgment, and clothes. Include cultural references if possible. –Shitu

For one week, pick a spot that is significant to you. (i.e. a favorite chair) or is of interest, say a grocery store. Visit this spot for 30-60min a day. Journal about it. What are the surroundings like? Who or what do you interact with? What kind of feelings does this location provoke? After journaling use your journal entries to inspire creative pieces. –Ashley Waterman

Train your body to speak another language. Spend an entire day inside your body inside that language. Think of your vocal chords as threads. Then gather them onto the nest of the page. -Andrea Rexilius