SWP Interview with April Joseph, 2012 Recipient of the Ted Berrigan Scholarship


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What scholarship did you receive and how many weeks did you attend SWP?

Ted Berrigan— thank you thank you. 4 wonderful-wonderland weeks.

How would you define the experience of SWP? What happened to you/your writing?

what happened was
what happened was
what happened once
what happened love, lost, love, run run
what happened was thewordsrantogetheralwaystogethernoneversayforever

ahhhhh ahh ahahh

the mask holds many faces
that tends to take hold
we learn it from our youth
it bleeds into our bones


I’d like to excerpt something from your scholarship recipient reading. Could you tell us a bit about this piece?

happy birthday, happy death day dear gram: she passed away and then the Naropa school called. composed in Bhanu Kapil’s class: migrant metaphors.

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april joseph is called a clarinetist-poetess, who traveled from California to work on an MFA at the Jack Kerouac School at Naropa University, where (s)he also co-teaches a BA creative writing course. Her writing has appeared in Bombay Gin, and collaborative chapbooks: Forum, Bellow, and Heart Lip Spider. april(andbello—her trusty sidekick) can be found frolicking around the mountain-town of Nederland, CO, writing: silentsnow, reading: tarot, and rising to moonshine.

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