Weekend Warrior 3/15/2013

jks desk copy
This week’s writing prompt comes from The Loft Literary Center. Founded in 1974, the Loft Literary Center is one of the nation’s leading literary arts centers. The Loft advances the artistic development of writers, fosters a thriving literary community, and inspires a passion for literature.

Prompt by Dobby Gibson:

Ask a friend to email you a list of ten obscure words for which you’re unlikely to know definitions. Select the most interesting, beautiful, or otherwise curious word on the list, so long as you cannot define the word. Do not look it up. Do not Google this word. This word is the title of your poem. Now write a sequence of imagined definitions for this word, or scenarios in which you might use this word. Reorder and refine this list until it pleases you enough to become a poem.

Dobby Gibson is the author of three books: Polar, Skirmish, and It Becomes You. His work has been featured on public radio’s A Writer’s Almanac and All Things Considered.