JKS Seeking New Administrative Specialist!

Job Summary: The Administrative Specialist provides administrative support to the academic School Director and faculty in areas of budgeting, course scheduling and other operations of the school’s program offerings and community-building activities among faculty, staff and students.

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Job Duties:

Department Budget and Operations:

• Assist Director and core faculty in developing and submitting annual budgets.
• Periodically reconcile School budget records (both operational and gift accounts) with Finance and/or Academic Affairs.
• Employ authorized School credit card as requested, track purchases, and reconcile monthly statements.
• Coordinate work-study hiring, scheduling and work assignments, and approve and submit work-study time sheets.
• Assist School Director and faculty in preparing course schedules, and submit to appropriate office; provide updates and accuracy checks to webreg (or equivalent) system.
• Supervise work-studies and administrative Graduate Assistants, and provide periodic evaluations to School Director.
• Coordinate services with vendors based on University policies, procedures and approved vendor lists, and process vendor payments and other paperwork.

General Administrative:

• Coordinate School requests for Graduate Assistant positions, receipt and processing of applications, and communicate with Academic Affairs and/or Enrollment Management/Student Administrative Services regarding final selections.
• Submit and track documents to Human Resources and/or Academic Affairs for adjunct faculty, visiting artists, stipends, course and program proposals, etc.
• Transmit new hire packets to newly hired faculty and staff, and submit PAN forms for new and terminating staff.
• Implement School policies and procedures as established by Director and/or faculty (e.g., School-specific practices with regard to library allocations).
• Respond to telephone calls and e-mail inquiries from individuals and University offices, and/or direct to appropriate persons.
• Submit work order requests with Information Technology, Facilities, etc.
• Oversee department purchases, purchase requests, and delivery processes.
• Assist Director in maintaining personal and School appointments, meetings calendar, etc.
• Draft communication as requested.

Students and Enrollment Management:

• Serve as initial contact for existing and prospective students and direct them to appropriate parties and sources of information.
• Support School efforts and initiatives toward student recruitment and retention.
• Support the registration process including facilitation of student enrollments requiring course authorizations, waiver of prerequisites, course capacity increases, etc.
• Monitor enrollments, class size, potential course cancellations, etc. throughout registration process, and confer with School Director, faculty and/or Academic Affairs regarding appropriate responses.


• Collect contact information and CV’s for all School faculty, and submit updates to Academic Affairs or other offices as requested.
• Assist faculty in meeting approved disability accommodation requests.
• Complete standard work requests or documentation to IT, Security and Student Administrative Services to ensure new and returning faculty access to administrative and technology systems, access to facilities, etc.
• Provide information to new and returning faculty regarding university systems, polices, and procedures.

Special Projects, Assignments and Events:

• Coordinate selection process for graduation speakers, scholarship and award recipients, etc.
• Additional responsibilities and duties as they relate to the nuances of each academic program or as requested or required by the university.

It is expected that the Administrative Specialist will fulfill the above responsibilities within the context of the University’s commitments to contemplative education and administration, diversity, enrollment management and institutional sustainability.

Minimum Qualifications: • A bachelor’s degree in related field or equivalent experience in an administrative position.
• 3 years administrative support experience in budgeting.
• Strong communication skills (oral, written, listening).
• Intermediate to advanced knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook, and web browsers.
• Self-starter with good organizing skills.

Preferred Qualifications:
• 3-years work experience in a higher education administrative support role.
• An appreciation for contemplative education and the mission of Naropa University.

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