By Brenna Lee


flashes modified by the play of mirrors-

well positioned they make the dead speak,

bring plants freshly cut

a bodiless head, dancing feet,

things exist one by one

            —Susan Doppelt, the field is lethal


The overlap of body/mind, time/page, death/life, true/false; the animal body, the earth body, language. The intersection. This in between space. These are sights of connection, a fitting together, a filling of the gap. The link. What does it mean to explore the other? A disintegration of this space, of the binary. How to write the fragmentation of thought, action, word. The breakdown. The slow peel of paint. The high sound of the nervous system, of blood cycling.

This investigation of disconnection/connection was interlaced throughout the performances of [DIS]CONNECTED, The Naropa Writing Center’s annual reading, held this past Thursday, April 11th in the Student Center. The readers cultivated exploration of this theme through engagement with memory, technology, the girl, geography, gender, grief, ghosts, dreams, lineage, visual art, voice; the trajectory of; the loop. Performers included Les Antczak, Elyse Brownell and Chris Shugrue, Lola Gerber, Kyle Pivarnik, Sarah Richards Graba, Chloe Rousseau, Sally Jane Smith, Elizabeth Sparenberg, Eleanore Tisch, and myself. It was an honor to share this space.

Special thanks to the Naropa Writing Center for putting on this event, particularly Michelle Naka Pierce, Kirstin Wagner, Chris Shugrue, and Sarah Richards Graba. To schedule an appointment with the Writing Center please visit naropa.mywconline.com.


Brenna Lee is a MFA candidate in the Jack Kerouac School, where she serves as a Writing Fellow and the Art Editor of Bombay Gin. She is the Interview Editor of Gesture Literary Journal, and a co-director of Blooming Plants, a transmedia outlet. She is the creator of a new theory of feminist passivity, Radical Objects.