Notes From the Meat Sack


Jai Arun Ravine [JKS alumnus: now Bay Area-based writer/performer] drags me off the stage following my performance at Poetics of Healing: Vital Forms and the Arts of Crisis.  In the graduate seminar on Experimental Prose, we have been working on returning somatic notes and findings [intense data, as we said during the Territory symposium] to the writing. Sometimes we feel blanked out.  Sometimes the performance is libidinous, excruciating, too abundant in certain kinds of sensation.  We forget to collect our witness notes.  This time, in Berkeley, at the Subterranean Arthouse, I remembered.  I remembered to take notes.  To breathe inside the meat sack.  And to experience what it felt like to be dragged off the stage.  I felt so grateful to my home community at Naropa — for grounding me in these practices and being open to them.  Please do not forget that your teachers are writers too.  In the undergraduate classes, we have been thinking through the hybrid body, the body that processes sensation differently on different parts of itself.  We have been thinking about figuration and its affective possibilities: the capacity, for example, to atomize or stream.  All of this helped me.  And helps me.  To glitch inside the meat sack.  To complete what can’t be completed in any other place.  And to approach the novel in this way.  The novel-shaped space.  Discuss.  Kyle Pivarnik gave me the password to this JKS blog.  So watch out.  Anything is possible now.  Kyle, do you regret giving me the password?  Notes from the Meat Sack, though partial, are now complete.  I will stop writing now.