Anne Waldman at DU this Week!


Anne Waldman will be giving a lecture on May 17th at 5:30 and a reading on May 18 at 7. Both events are in Sturm Hall, rm 451 at DU.
Hope you all can come!

Internationally recognized and acclaimed poet Anne Waldman has been an active member of the “Outrider” experimental poetry community, a culture she has helped create and nurture for over four decades, as writer, editor, master teacher, performer, poetics scholar, curator, and cultural/political activist. Her poetry is recognized in the lineage of Whitman and Ginsberg, and in the Beat, New York School and Black Mountain trajectories of the New American Poetry, yet she remains a highly original “open field investigator” of consciousness, committed to the possibilities of radical shifts of language and states of mind to create new modal structures and montages of attention. She is the author of more than 40 books, including the mini-classic Fast Speaking Woman, a collection of essays entitled Vow to Poetry and several selected poems editions including Helping the Dreamer, Kill or Cure and In the Room of Never Grieve. She has concentrated on the long poem as a cultural intervention with such projects as Marriage: A Sentence, Structure of The World Compared to a Bubble, Manatee/Humanity which is a book-length rhizomic meditation on evolution and endangered species, and the monumental anti-war feminist epic The Iovis Trilogy: Colors in the Mechanism of Concealment, a 25 year project in three volumes.

Her forthcoming book from Penguin Poets (2013), Gossamurmur, is an allegory of imposters, doppelgangers, deciders and a romp through Heian Japan and Vedic India. Her work has been translated into numerous languages.

Waldman is the recipient of the prestigious Shelley Memorial Award and is a Chancellor of The Academy of American Poets. The Iovis Trilogy has just been awarded the 2012 PEN Center USA Award for Poetry.