Crowd the Book: JKS Alumns Make Waves in Indie Book Promotion


It was about three lifetimes ago that, in a little coffee shop in Boulder, Colorado, Spencer Dew and I collaborated on a very strange Polish post-apocalyptic detective story about a, well, a Polish, post-apocalyptic detective. In our defense, we were drinking rather heavily during those days. But nowadays, we’re more sober, Spencer and I. And, since that summer nearly fifteen years ago, Spencer’s made quite a name for himself. Today, he’s an academic, an assistant professor of religious studies at Centenary College of Louisiana, focusing on the intersections of literature and religion. And he’s an amazing writer, a writer’s writer as they say, churning out tales of fiction and nonfiction that are filled with the subtle, yet urgent emotion that drives true engagement with life.

We’re overly thrilled to feature Spencer’s debut novel, Here Is How It Happens, published by the greatest literary project of all time, Ampersand Books.

Here’s Publisher’s Weekly on Spencer’s novel:

Dew captures the “violent ambivalence” of young people fearing their future, doubting their potential, and, as Martin describes, stylizing their “still-developing artifice”. His prose is simultaneously urgent and hesitant as his characters are desperate for connection but also terrified of what looms ahead.”

Get ready to experience a sleepless night or two. Open these pages and feel the discomfort of an emotional juggernaut of a story, a visceral and precise tale of young desperation.

Thank you again for joining us on this third chapter in the journey that is Crowd the Book. We appreciate your participation. We’d love for you to share what you think about Spencer’s book with your community, local and global. Social media’s great. Word of mouth’s great. Screaming Spencer’s name off the top of your roof is great. Send folks our way ( and let’s see what size crowd we can build for Spencer and Ampersand Books. Better yet, let’s build a gathering.

As always, Spencer will be available to answer questions for the month of May at We’ll schedule an online reading and Q&A for the end of May. And we’ll have interviews with Spencer and his publisher, Jason Cook, posted to our site.

Vishal Khanna / Head of the Crowd


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