Sea Notes and Other Transgressions

I am going to the sea.  To invert.  A form.  Above the sea.  I did that once in San Diego, causing moderate distress to the wait-staff on the residential balcony of a neighboring hotel.  “Are you okay, miss?”  Yep.  Just…seeing what it looks like.  Upside down.

Upcoming West Coast events:

EAST BAY POETRY SUMMIT: May 24 – May 27, 2013

“To celebrate the long tradition of non-institutional spaces for poetry and writing in the Bay Area, poetry darlings Brittany Billmeyer-Finn, David Brazil, Brandon Brown, David Buuck, Zach Haber, Andrew Kenower, Cheena Marie Lo, Kate Robinson, and Juliana Spahr are throwing a looong weekend party of poetry goodness.  They’ve invited many poets from around the US to converge on the Bay Area to give readings, lead conversations, mix cocktails, and teach and learn from each other.” This is the schedule.

SPRING CONVERGENCE: June 7 – June 9, 2013

Talk/reading/prose roundtable on Hybrid Biologies at University of Washington [with Robert Gluck].

Also, I have some work in an anthology that has just been published: The &Now Awards 2: The Best Innovative Writing, edited by Davis Schneiderman (&NOW Books).

Also, I will be performing on the East Coast [on a sidewalk in New York: MEAT SACK 3] in June — a lemon yellow silk scene [urban installation] for Ban.  To keep writing Ban until Ban dies off.  So that I can study.  Form.  As an activity of incarnation.  The thing that does not stop.  Or abate.  Instead it becomes something else: in time.  I hope you also have the leisure to create and destroy and create again, using the language of your own culture to describe these activities.  Are you an alumnus?  Are you a student of ancient forms?  If you don’t have the leisure, then I hope you have a notebook.  I hope you have a pocket.  I hope you take it — the notebook — everywhere you go.  I used to cook beans in a giant vat at KFC on Birmingham New Street in the United Kingdom.  In my breaks, I wrote  things down.


I tried to describe France, in advance, for example.  Of being there [going there] at all.


I wrote that on the wall.  I wrote it on my arm.  What will you write on your arm?  Let’s write things on our arms.

With washable, non-toxic felt tip pen.