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1.  Full moon on Friday.  Did you know that 40% of incoming undergraduate students to Naropa University identify “earth-based” as their religion of choice.  That it is not just Buddhists from Wisconsin, or the children of Buddhists from Wisconsin.  Who come here.  To generalize.  Not sure how I know this.  79.5% sure I have not invented this statistic.

2.  Earth-centered, let’s pull down the moon.  How?  A simple Hindu meditation — to clarify, I also sang second soprano in St.Luke’s Episcopal Church in Brockport, NY — with a pagan twist: Find a bit of ground.  Sit on it.  Internally chant [repeat] a mantra.  Perhaps the simple “Om.”  Perhaps a bit of Kant you memorized over the Winter Break.  Summer now, almost.  And imagine: that the moon is pouring down [through you] into the ground.  The structural requirement is that you should have a body.

3.  What is the shape of your body?  Have you read Jenny Boully’s “The Body”? Define: the posture-gesture set.  Rotate and glitch on the balcony.  As beneath.  The trees.

4.  You’re drawing the moon down through your body.  You are breathing.  Imagine now that a rope of energy is coming — threading — through the moon and down through you.  Into the ground.  To re-loop.  Or be.  This is shakti.  The world starts to throb a little bit.

5.  The specific instructions are to meditate, according to your tradition or practice, outside, at night or late dusk — just as the moon is rising.  Perhaps your meditation will bring a healing or cardinal image.  Perhaps your meditation will give you access to the  moonlight itself with its orange-blue flecks on a spectrum of radiant nodes.  You could note these flecks.  You could recall them.

6.  Then write.

7.  The writing is a sub-geometric mandala built from the image or void that comes from the meditation.  To pull down the moon is to ask for a vision or have one, but that is your own business.

8.  Whether you are a novelist, a poet or a person writing in a revolutionary visual/comedic forms, do not forget to open yourself to the moonlight on Friday as an activating force.  It would be like taking a bite from one of Yeats’ silver or golden apples.  How a daily practice of linking to cosmic and earthly light makes: the writing: stream.