Weekend Warrior: Walk To Red

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by Bhanu Kapil

From Monster Class [The Hybrid]: Spring 2013:

Walk until you reach the color red. Document this walk in the form of sentences. What red is — the most red — is up to you. Use your intuition. Use your intelligence. Be you. I asked the graduate students to do this. Now I want you to do it too. Make a prose narrative [transcribed/typed up from your notebook] of this walk: Notes on red. Notate: encounters, obstructions, surprises. And what red is, when you: reach it.


“Not to find one’s way around a city does not mean much. But to lose one’s way in a city, as one loses one’s way in a forest, requires some schooling. Street names must speak to the urban wanderer like the snapping of dry twigs, and little streets in the heart of the city must reflect the times of day, for him, as clearly as a mountain valley. This art I acquired rather late in life; it fulfilled a dream, of which the first traces were labyrinths on the blotting papers in my school notebooks.”
― Walter Benjamin, Berlin Childhood around 1900