To Summit, To Press, To Ask, To Write: Faculty News from Bhanu Kapil

TO SUMMIT: Having returned: from the ecstatic and wrecking* East Bay Poetry Summit in California.  An extraordinary four days that unfolded in non-institutionalized spaces throughout Berkeley and Oakland.  Andrew Kenower has been posting recordings at his brilliant VOICE BOX here: Anne Boyer also did an amazing write-up on googledocs but I can’t find it. Instead, I found some instructions towards: beauty.  Do we know Anne Boyer?  I feel like we didn’t know and now we know:  This is her, to the left (right?) of David Buuck’s English gentleman’s cap (hat?) in the Bay (in animal print):anne-boyer

*My own write up/decompressions: here: and here:

TO PRESS: Work — extracted/compelled/dug — has been: selected: and appears: in: The &Now Awards 2: The Best Innovative Writing [ed. Davis Schneiderman: who once put a lit match in his mouth at the start of a reading, extinguishing it — to read].  Here’s the description of the anthology.**  Many of the contributors will be presenting at the upcoming Off the Road &NOW conference that is being hosted by CU Boulder this September (which is pretty amazing for our Front Range community).

**”This second volume of The &Now Awards recognizes the most provocative, hardest-hitting, deadly serious, patently absurd, cutting-edge, avant-everything-and-nothing work from the years 2009–11. The &NOW Awards features writing as a contemporary art form: writing as it is practiced today by authors who consciously treat their work as an art, and as a practice explicitly aware of its own literary and extra-literary history— as much about its form and materials, language, as it about its subject matter. The &NOW conference, moving from the University of Notre Dame (2004), Lake Forest College (2006), Chapman University (2008), the University at Buffalo (2009), the University of California, San Diego (2011), and Paris (Sorbonne and Diderot, 2012)—sets the stage for this aesthetic, while The &Now Awards features work from the wider world of innovative publishing and serves as an ideal survey of the contemporary scene.”

TO ASK: An interview with Andy Fitch on the craft of writing SCHIZOPHRENE appears in June’s “The Conversant” at The Volta.  Notes on narrative and the nervous system.  Performance notes.  A theory of light touch.

TO WRITE: For three years, I incubated a philosophy of ground, that is wet, that exceeds, that orbits: a “black oval” propped “in the mouth.”  (Graham Foust.)  I wanted to write a diasporic novel, a novel of the earth: its memory and unguent facts.  I wanted to let something die in writing and study: this other flow.  The flow of materials.  Until.  they recirculated in time.  I wanted to write a novel of the race riot, BAN.  Set in the world I am from (England) but written here: with you.  This “you.”  This is a long note to express: so much gratitude: to Naropa: to Upaya North and South classroom spaces [occupants] in particular: [to say] : BAN has been accepted for publication and will come out next year, with Nightboat Books (NY)!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you [students] for lying down with me in the ivy.  And the trench. May the energy of BAN bring your own works to completion: and beyond.  What is an: incarnate form?  This is Blair Peach, the anti-Nazi protester (a teacher from New Zealand) who died as a result of police brutality on April 23, 1979: the day of the riot that BAN: is set: upon.  I want to honor him, the protester working on behalf of communities he was not a part of, in an era no longer our own.  An inspiration to keep working: writing: protesting: creating: through radical art.  Art that is that: does not look away.

Mr. Peach as he is [was] [will always (never) be]: