News from week four SWP guest Latasha Diggs!


Dear friends and loved ones and folks in the virtual land,

So you haven’t heard from me in a couple of weeks. The reason: Ghana and the Yari Yari Ntoaso Conference. Thanks to OWWA, Rosamond King and blessings from Jayne Cortez, I was able to attend and participate, help out when I can and meet some amazing women writers, organizers and educators of African ancestry. I cannot even go into full details of how incredibly inspiring it was to be there. I am still processing the range of voices I heard. And of course, TwERK has gone to Africa and back! While there, I also had the opportunity to listen in on an amazing program run by The Center for Contemporary Art in Lagos, Nigeria. This year, the program, Global Crit Clinic, is being held in Ghana and the little that I experienced, fed me enough to seriously use in my work. Many thanks to Bisi Silva and Adwoa Amoah for allowing me to witness yet another amazing ensemble of curators and visual artists “to consider the archive beyond the narrow definition as solely a physical space where collections of documents are kept” and contemporary African art.

I am now off to Millay Colony for a very long over due residency. Then in July, some wonderful opportunities to flex my public reading skills, my curatorial/artistic directing skills, and teaching skills (which seriously need some polishing!). This year has been something of a whirlwind and there are mad folks to thanks for that. But alas, the year ain’t over so my shout outs (in the spirit of Video Music Box) will be on hold for a tiny spell. If you can make it, please come to any or all of these events. You won’t be disappointed! In advance, thanks so much for reading The La Digga Report and see you soon!

Hugs and Love LaT