SWP Interview with Week One Print Shop Faculty Jade Lascelles!

jade print shop
What are the benefits of working in the print shop during the Summer Writing Program?

Taking an SWP workshop is a great way to dip your toes into the world of letterpress. If you’re a beginner to printing, you will learn the important basics of letterpress and actually print something. Since it is a collaborative process in most workshops, you will end the week with an object that you had a direct role in creating. I can’t adequately explain how good it feels to hold something that you personally printed in your hands. It is a unique experience of creating.

If you’re a more experienced printer, it is an opportunity to briefly apprentice with some talented and impressive printer folks. Each printer collects his/her own little bundle of knowledge and tricks through experience, so being exposed to as many printers as possible can help expand your own knowledge significantly.

With all of the lectures, panels, readings, and discussions, the Summer Writing Program is a zone rich in intellectual stimulation and inspiration. Working the print shop during this allows for a space of decompression from (and reflection on) all of these ideas. You are still interacting with writing, just in a redefined way. You are contemplating the concepts of experimental poetics while enacting it in a physical manner. Plus, you’ll get to spend the mornings moving around the shop before the afternoons of sitting in PAC. Your antsy legs will thank you.

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Jade Lascelles is a poet and letterpress printer based in Boulder, Colorado. A graduate of the Kerouac School, she now serves as the Harry Smith Print Shop assistant and the Book Review Editor for Bombay Gin Literary Journal. She is a founding member of the eco-poetic publishing project Inukshuk Collective and teaches writing and literature at Naropa University and Front Range Community College. She is also quite fond of yoga and dance parties.