Beatdom Books announces the release of JKS Alumn Michelle Auerbach’s novel The Third Kind of Horse!


How does it feel to change the world?

In her new novel The Third Kind of Horse, award winning author Michelle Auerbach answers that question and other, more controversial ones, like what do lesbians do in bed, how to make hash brownies, and how to get arrested.

It is 1987 in New York’s East Village. AIDS is devastating the intersecting worlds of drag queens, artists, and club kids. Lyssa, a young lesbian, is working the phones at the AIDS Hotline, trying to find herself and some comfort amidst the chaos of the growing crisis. When she enters into a relationship with Simone, the woman of her dreams, Lyssa finds the sexual freedom she’s been searching for, but her insecurities quickly take over. Soon, Lyssa is in a complicated relationship with Kevin, a recovering heroin addict, and her world implodes against the backdrop of sexual politics and personal tragedy.

In this story, Michelle Auerbach, winner of the Northern Colorado fiction prize and occasional writer for the New York Times, saw the opportunity to take on some big and very contemporary political issues about activism, the personal toll and the emotional gifts of setting out to change the world, LBGTQ life, being different and demanding to be treated with respect, and how love and pain are intertwined no matter who you are or who you love.

The book is a humorous, dirty, and insightful look at love, friendship, and the importance of the right shade of red lipstick in our lives as we grow into the people we want to become.

“Late 1980s New York in all its AIDS-fighting, boot-stomping, pizza-scarfing, heart-breaking, alt-angle glory comes fizzing and crackling to life in Michelle Auerbach’s marvelous new novel The Third Kind of Horse. Auerbach is that rare, fierce writer who emphatically knows the world whereof she writes both in and out of the marvelous sentences she uses to explore/explode it. There are deep pleasures to be had here and they are not few.” — Laird Hunt, Author of The Kind One and The Impossibly

The Third Kind of Horse can be purchased at bookstores or ordered from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It is also available as an e-book.

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