Re-Casting Lots and Transatlantic Double-Cross: Michelle Naka Pierce Review on Drunken Boat!


JKS Director Michelle Naka Pierce has a dual review of her latest books She, A Blueprint and Continuous Frieze Bordering Red on Drunken Boat!

An excerpt:

Continuous Frieze Bordering Red is a tour de force. It is inviting, exciting, immediately accessible and so elegantly turned that it’s inevitable, like an equation that generates infinite possibilities in a just-discovered universe. Recalling Raymond Queneau’s One Hundred Thousand Billion Sonnets, Pierce’s is a sturdy recombinant form. The headlong sentences, full of clear-headed observations and quick closures, compel the reader, in the second person, “you must keep moving.” From line 1 on the left page to line 1 on the right, you must cross the gutter; the sentences keep making and unmaking sense; you flip quickly, you have never read a book so fast. If you defy the “continuous frieze” across pages and choose to read the lines straight down, their fractured nonsense makes a sense of its own, of the elliptical kind we now take in stride, perhaps pretending we know how to negotiate the difficult terrain of being modern.

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