New Book by JKS Alumn Carolyn Zaikowski!


A teenage girl named Shrap is sold into sex slavery by her father in exchange for a business. What follows is a story that is determined to tell itself, and a girl whose body and mind are struggling to become real through this broken telling. A Child Is Being Killed is a vessel that holds the problem posed by philosopher Maurice Blanchot: What does it mean to utter, “A child is being killed”? What is the nature and shape of this kind of non-presence? Is it even possible to speak of? At once dissociated and lucid, Shrap’s story stubbornly creates an existence out of Shrap, drawing a complicated portrait of her mind and body amidst a world of men who actively erase her.

Carolyn Zaikowski is a 2010 graduate of the MFA Creative Writing program at Naropa’s Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics. She lives in Northampton, Massachusetts. Her fiction and poetry, as well as her critical work on veganism, feminism, trauma, and language, have been published widely. She has worked variously as a social worker, crisis counselor, and community organizer, and has taught English and democracy studies in India’s red light districts, as well as to Burmese political exiles in Thailand. She can be found at

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