Forthcoming Novel by Tim Z. Hernandez!


Readers across the world know Jack Kerouac and his famous novel,
On the Road, but most don’t know that prior to its publication,
Kerouac received countless rejections. It wasn’t until an excerpt titled “The Mexican
Girl” was published in The Paris Review, earned rave reviews, and found its way into
the Best American Short Stories of 1956 anthology that the novel was accepted for

Given the relevance that “The Mexican Girl” had in Kerouac’s career, little has
been known about the real “Terry,” actually Bea Franco. In Mañana Means Heaven,
acclaimed writer Tim Z. Hernandez pulls Bea from out of the shadows and presents a
rich and visionary novel portraying the woman behind the scenes in the novel that
defined a generation. As author Paul Maher says, “Hernandez offers a dazzling offshoot
from the oft-explored road story that is Kerouac’s.”

Set against an ominous backdrop of California in the 1940s, deep in the
agricultural heartland of the Great Central Valley, Hernandez’s novel reveals the
desperate circumstances that led a married woman to an illicit affair with an aspiring
young writer traveling across the United States. When they meet, Franco is a migrant
farmworker with two children and a failing marriage, living with poverty, violence, and
the looming threat of deportation, while the “college boy” yearns to one day make a
name for himself in the writing world. The significance of their romance poses vastly
different possibilities and consequences.

Award-winning novelist Susan Straight says “there is no other novel like this in
American publishing. Central California with its history of immigration and agriculture,
labor camps, workers, and especially the women are exactly the characters America
desperately needs right now.”

Franco was sought out by dozens of Kerouac and Beat scholars, but none could
find her. According to one, “finding Bea Franco is like trying to find the ghost of a needle
in haystack.”

But 55 years after publication of Kerouac’s novel, Hernandez discovered Franco
alive, and living in relative obscurity only one mile from his own home in Fresno,
California. “It was an alignment, really, that I was able to find her. It just so happened
that I knew where to look and who to ask. I have since been fortunate to develop a
strong relationship with her and her family.”


We’re planning two major book release events, one in New York and one
in Fresno. Seems right, since in the book, Bea’s character lives and works in
Fresno but has her heart set on making it to NY with Jack. If you’re in any
of these areas I hope to see you at one of these fun events:

September 19, 2013 at La Caza Azul Bookstore
143 East 103rd St, New York, NY.

October 4, 2013 at the Fresno Art Museum
2233 North First Street, Fresno, CA 93703

Other Dates and Locations I’ll be reading:

Brooklyn Book Festival, NY, Sept 21 & 22.
The Beat Museum, San Francisco, October 5 or 6, to be confirmed.
Boulder Bookstore, Boulder, Colorado, October 17
Tattered Cover Bookstore, Denver, Colorado, October 18
We’re working on LA and San Diego dates…fyi

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Tim Z. Hernandez, Author
Mañana Means Heaven
Forthcoming August 2013