One Hundred Colorado Places By Elizabeth Robinson & Erik Anderson














Fact-Simile  is delighted to announce the official release of One Hundred Colorado Places by Erik Anderson & Elizabeth Robinson. If you stopped by the Fact-Simile Editions table at AWP in Boston, you may have caught a quick glimpse of this book before it sold out. If you missed it, it looks something like this:

One Hundred Colorado Places is a hand-carved, accordion-fold book nested in a tin, windowed box. It is set in Arno Pro and printed in an edition of 100 on six interlocking 4×40-inch reclaimed 120 gsm Arches Text Wove “pages” bound together in a single “signature” with found twine.

You can watch a video of this unusual book here.

Happy Reading,

Travis & JenMarie Macdonald
Fact-Simile Editions