New Article in Shambhala Times by JKS Student Ginger Teppner!

On Contemplative Being
by Ginger Teppner, Naropa University


Contemplative writing (breath’s sibling) creates a portal that connects interior to exterior. The term contemplation inhabits this space of attention. It requires focus and deliberate release. The release of the known. It is not enough to explore the interiority of self alone.

Spiral inward. Follow a line of text to its source. Inhale, but understand exhalation is mandatory. Juliana Sparh writes: “In this everything turning and small being breathed in and out by everyone with lungs during all the moments … How connected we are with everyone”. In this manner the more we breathe, contemplate the depths through words, and connect to everything on the inside of outside, the more we realize there is inevitably no in or out, no us and other, only thread strands tied together to form a soul line deeper than blood line that spans landscape of cell, body, language, culture, earth, space, and time.

We are gathered here in soft space and shoddy space, especially in the in-between space. This is why we went to the caves to write out our existence. The cave is an in-between space, a permeable surface space, a touchable metaphor space of our most alive-ness because within this surface is the circuitry to connect depth of interior to depth of exterior. Our folly is forgetfulness, how we are prone to forget our intrinsic full-ness, the fullness of space within and without, the full-ness of alive-ness even as we explode into the minutest particle, expand as ocean rift, attempt to destroy or birth our self.

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Ginger-Teppner-150x150Ginger Teppner is a wolfish poet mother inhabiting the body of a bartender that works at a country club in the central-most county in the state of Florida, otherwise referred to as the sunshine state or the lightning capitol of the world, depending on perspective. She is a Creative Writing MFA Candidate at Naropa University.