Bringing a Project to Life: Megan Kaminski Visits Writers in Community

By Matt Bovard

Megan Kaminski visited the Writers in Community class (WIC) and helped us find different angles into our work. The theme of WIC this year is mapping, and we talked about the process of bringing a project to life. As an example of her process she brought one of her project maps. It started with listing ideas and grew roots as more ideas germinated. There wasn’t a specific order of the map; it flowed around the edges into the middle and spilled over the other side. The map helped bring the thoughts together and also worked as a catalyst for fresh ideas. After the discussion, we went through a multi-step exercise that helped us find ground on a topic that we were having trouble writing about. We did some free-writing then broke into pairs and created movements to help express the idea. The movements were a raw embodied expression of the written piece that helped crack the seed of this experience. This went through three different permutations and helped us find a new way to speak about something we were having difficulty expressing.

It was very insightful to learn about Kaminski’s writing process and how she brings a project to life. Through movement she helped us gain new perspective that allowed ground to be broken on a creative block. As the first guest teacher for WIC, Megan Kaminski really helped elucidate the work of a writer.


Matt Bovard is a grad student at the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics. He is mad with poetry. He actually believes the world can change for the better. He is crazy in the best way possible. His dream is to shower the world with art by owning a production company that transforms the business paradigm.