Weekend Warrior 9/20/2013

jks desk copy

This week’s writing prompt comes from The Edge of Anything, an anthology of transcriptions from the margins of books on bookshelves of writers. This anthology is interested in submissions that address marginality both in the material sense, that is, text written by a reader in the blank space bordering the printed area on a page in a book, as well as in the sense of occupying space at a border, either geographically, politically, or socially.

Here’s a definition of margin from OED:

margin (n.)

1. An edge and the area immediately adjacent to it; a border.

2. The blank space bordering the written or printed area on a page.

3. A limit in a condition or process, beyond or below which something is no longer possible or acceptable.

4. An amount allowed beyond what is needed.

5. A measure quantity or degree of difference.

6. Economics:

                a. The minimum return that an enterprise may earn and still pay for itself.

                b. The difference between the cost and the selling price of securities and commodities.

                c. The difference between the market value of collateral and the face value of a loan.

7. An amount in money, or represented by securities, deposited by a customer with a broker as a provision against loss on transactions made on account.

8. Botany: The border of a leaf.


Submission Guidelines

Deadline: 19 October 2013

1. You identify as a writer or others identify you as such.

2. Find one book on your bookshelf, one that has your writing in the margins. Please do not create new margin notes for this project; we are interested in the found, the accidental and the detritus of reading. Please choose a text or margin notes that you feel relate to the definition of marginality and the above notes on our curatorial vision for The Edge of Anything.

3. Scan 1-3 pages from that book (600dpi, 24bit color). 

4. Transcribe your notes from the margin. If you are submitting multiple scanned pages, please let us know whether your transcription should be read as a single poem/piece, or multiple pieces.

5. Email your scans, your transcription, and your bio to timelessinfinitelight@gmail.com, with the subject line: THE EDGE OF ANYTHING .