The Communication Network Interviews JKS Alumn Tak Kendrick!

Tak-KendrickIn the latest installment of The Communication Network’s A Quick Word With… they talk with JKS Alumn Tak Kendrick, communications officer at The Lemelson Foundation in Portland, Ore.

What’s an excellent book you’ve read, especially a recent one? What was your take-away from it?

I’m currently reading The Storytelling Animal: Stories Make Us Human by Jonathan Gottschall. It’s rooted in current neuroscience, psychology, and evolutionary biology thinking about the human impulse and instinct to tell stories, and how storytelling has evolved to help us navigate the problems we encounter in life.

What are some communications tools that inspire you? Any thoughts on “what’s next”?

It’s an old tool, but one that really has mass potential in the digital age—collaboration. As a social media geek, I believe the tools exist for amazing collaborations, it’s just a matter of getting people thinking about how to collaborate in ways that engage and honor everyone in the partnership. There was some great theory on this (some of which I was slightly responsible for) coming out of the wiki community about 4 years ago, but it’s only catching on now. How do we self-organize to “barn raise” and solve problems that individuals could never think to tackle? How do we take the best of citizen journalism and traditional reporting to create fair and accurate accounts of events such that we’re actively cultivating a culture of informed critical thinkers?

Who is your favorite underappreciated journalist? Or what’s a favorite non-professional, non-general news blog?

As a former working journalist, there’s too many to list. But I will say, in terms of digital/social media, I think that “I F**king Love Science” on Facebook is the greatest thing to happen to thoughtful dialog and buzz around science since maybe Nova first aired, even if I sometimes feel obligated to redact the name. Elise Andrew, the writer, is funny, smart and just plain loves the material.

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