Writing the Physical: Naropa Practice Day Reflections


By Daniel Cantrick

Crystallized bodies on waves, surfing through channeled grounds, we find ourselves in the world.  On earth.  In a country.  Held within a state and chained to a city.  We attempt to view the page not as a page.  Words not as words, but still something constructed.  A contraption, not of the Vendler type, but a contraption that weaves connections through red, thick lines.  This is collaboration.  A collaborated installation that addresses the physical.  It pierces, like a needle in flesh, a needle in fabric, and needle in time.  So where does this all intersect?  Where do words collide? Not worlds.  Where do they go when they leave the tongue, dance on the page, and disperse into atmosphere?  They may be somewhere.  They may be in the capacity of vision, but the boundaries are mysterious.  The container can implode.  If we are floating on water, how do we explode?

                Discursive situations

If we know something is real, can we no longer be attached to it?  Questions, questions such as the aforementioned create a situation of discourse.  The search for discourse, the creation of discourse, the so-called birth of academia.  Are we here for discourse and what is the discourse one has with oneself?

Vulnerable States

How do we create states?
States not bound, by boundaries.
The state of the beyond.

Reduce matter.
A single point.
Concentration, it is limited.

Create a more vulnerable audience for yourself. You can fail.
Something can happen at the lip of the void.

Attend to the opening.
Attend to the brink of creation.

How do you predict Clinamen?
Can you disturb?

Feelings of Weight

They say there is an incredible responsibility when performing.  A responsibility owed to us or others?  This responsibility acting on us daily.  Each day, a performance.  Each walk down a hallway, a smile at a passerby, a lowered head, avoiding.  Dress the part.  Wear the mask.  We are searching for gas stations and parking lots.  Neon signs and cracked doors.  Sifting through the field of signifiers hoping for gold.  Try out many strokes.  When you break to breathe, encounter and witness, for in this moment, the moment that the bell is rung, one can attempt the present.  It does not always happen.  It will not present itself.  You have to impose upon it, with the gentleness of understanding that is was there, with or without you.  Has language been there?  There, with or without you?  The pre-linguistic state cannot be proven and therefore does not exist.  The naming is not there.  We cannot compartmentalize, order, and organize.

The filmic begins where language ends.  What if language never existed?  Sometimes we find ourselves with out words.  A blunted formation that swirls in our various lobes.  This obtuse recollection is not a recollection, because if we have a referent we can name it.  The obtuse cannot be named.   Instead we have the fractured signification.  Derrida begins his deconstruction here.  Barthes, may believe in the signified, but allows for the field of the signifier.  Kristeva’s, signifiance.  Without words, we examine life without a signified.  It is this examination that weighs so heavy.  Try to realize this weight.


Woodsy, breezy, DIYer, inquisitor, local, organic, fresh, and delivered straight to your doorstep when requested.  Daniel Cantrick is a first year MFA candidate at JKS.  He studies classical guitar, database management, and writes.  He likes to listen to music in public spaces, believes that it gets funkier and is happiest when he is able to discuss his confusion with others.