Allen Ginsberg Estate Endowment Gift to Jack Kerouac School!


By Lisa Trank

The Jack Kerouac School has recently secured an endowment from the Allen Ginsberg Estate, in support of the annual Allen Ginsberg Fellow program, with the assistance of President Chuck Lief, Professor Reed Bye, and Professor Anne Waldman. The endowment guarantees ongoing support for the fellowship program, which has proved vital to the JKS curriculum and community. Past fellows have included Harryette Mullen (2013), Alice Notley (2012), and Lyn Hejinian (2011).

“One of Allen’s ongoing concerns was the well-being of the Jack Kerouac School, and we’ve tried to find some way for a more permanent contribution from Allen’s estate instead of the occasional donation,” says Peter Hale, of the Allen Ginsberg Estate. “With the help of Reed Bye, Anne Waldman, and Chuck Lief, and our longtime close associate and financial adviser Howard Seligman, we were able to orchestrate a donation to create an endowment that could pay for at least one program in perpetuity. I think we’re all so fortunate that Allen is still able to provide after all these years even from the grave.

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